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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Galveston Fishing with Josh, Kelly and their Grandfather, Pop

Left to right Pop, Kelly, Josh and Rob. Josh caught this nice Jack Caravelle

Josh and my day started off meeting for breakfast at IHOP and then to Walmart for drinks and snacks for the trip. Kelly and Pop were driving in from Austin and we were meeting at Josh's house for our departure to Galveston. This was Pop's grandsons 4th fishing trip in a row for him. Unfortunately, Chris, Josh's brother broke his foot and I was asked to go in his place. Everyone wished for Chris and I know he would have loved being there. Hope your foot heels fast Chris. Our drive to Galveston was pleasant, I especially enjoyed hearing Pop's views on politics, and hearing stories of his life experiences.

Left to Right Rob, Kelly, Josh and sitting Pop

We fished with Captain Shannon LaBauve on a 24 foot Kenner. Shannon is a great boat Captain and fishing guide. He made our trip worth while and comfortable. We met Captain LaBauve at the Yacht Basin in Galveston and started our half day fishing trip from there. The weather was nice, a light breeze that helped with heat of the day normally experienced this time of year in Galveston. The water was a beautiful greenish blue, clear and a little choppy. The boat ride out to the Jetties took just a few minutes with only a few jolts and bumps.

The fishing started with Pop hooking on to a nice Shark. Kelly was there to help Pop with the fish making sure that the fish got to the boat. Kelly not only helped Pop with his fish, he caught a number of fish himself and to make sure I got in on the action he handed the rod to me to bring in a shark he had caugh. I had lost 3 fish to broken lines and he wanted me to bring in a fish.

Kelly with one of his many sharks. This one is a hammer head and he caught a couple of black tip sharks also.

Josh had a great day of fishing landing a number of Shark, a nice Redfish, a Jack Caravelle and a Spanish Mackerel and caught one shark and as did Kelly, handed the rod to me to bring in a shark he had caught. By this time I had experienced 5 broken lines and no fish caught. Josh also assisted Pop with his fishing, both grandsons were very attentive and wanted everyone to enjoy the trip.

Josh and his nice redfish. This is a real nice fish and gave Josh a good fight.
Josh and Pop, with the nice Redfish Josh Caught. Pop caught a number of shark himself.

Pop really had a successful day himself. I lost count the number of sharks he caught. He showed that he really enjoyed the outing and was already talking about the next year trip with his grandsons.

It was a nice trip, a wonderful day with these 3 guys. We stopped on the way home and ate a nice sea food dinner, returining to Houston a little after 7 pm. Kelly and Pop headed back to Austin/Round Rock.

Thanks Josh, Kelly and Pop for asking me to fish with you. I really enjoyed it. Chris get well and I know everyone missed you on the trip.

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