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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walt Disney World, Florida

This picture was taken within a couple of hours after we entered the park.
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Our trip to Florida was a very enjoyable and memorable trip. This is truly a magical place. The weather was perfect as we had to wear jackets and sweaters in the early morning and after the sun went down. The days were in the low 70 degrees and the humidity was almost none.

We got there in the early afternoon just as one of the parades was coming down main street.

I will be brief and share a few pictures and highlights as I know Amy will be posting to her blog also.

Susie had booked dinner at 3:30 with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. I had never eaten with a bear, tiger, donkey or pig before. All be it, there has been an occasion or two. that a few donkeys have been at the table.

My favorite part of the trip was the happiness that this place brought to all of us. The excitement and joy, the smiles and clapping and dancing to the music and the sheer heart warming feeling that I got from watching everyone's reactions to the various sights and rides.

It also brought back memories of our previous visits with Kristin and Amy. On numerous occasions the sights and sounds are the same as twenty years ago when they were both so small. Now here we are with Amy and Josh as adults and their two boys. We talked about Kristin and I had numerous thoughts of her during the trip, while we miss her dearly this place, as I said. is so magical and it created some very fond and happy thoughts.

We stayed on the grounds at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. It reminded me of Oak Alley in Louisiana.
Looking out from our hotel across the river to the Food center and Lobby at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

Magic Kingdom Park just at dusk.

Prior to the Disney World visit, we attended a the wedding for Meredith, a high school friend and family friend of ours. It was an outside wedding, very beautiful and a lot of fun. Below are a few more pictures of the 150 or so pictures I took. I will give them to Amy and Josh to add to the ones they took. I also have over an hour of video that captured some of the highlights of the trip.

Noah stayed with Susie and I while Amy, Josh and Andy went to the rehearsal and luncheon prior to the wedding. We stayed at the Marriott in Buena Vista just a few blocks from where the wedding took place.

Noah and his new sun glasses, you need sun glasses in Florida.

Noah watching cartoons with Granny.

Josh, Amy, Andy and Noah just after the wedding standing on the beach where the wedding took place in Buena Vista, Florida. Amy was a brides maid in the wedding, she looked stunning.

Noah dancing with Sarah.

On our last day we rode the Disney Magical Express bus from the park to the airport. I think these last two pictures sums up the trip.

Noah and Grampy relaxing after a fun week in Florida.

Andy sitting with his Mom on the way to the Airport. A good time was had by all.


D.R.G. said...

Looks like the trip to Florida was fun! You are right about Walt Disney World being a magical place. I guess there is a reason why Jill and I really like going there and especially to Disneyland.

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside on our honeymoon, it was called Dixie Landings back in 2000. It really is a beautiful resort, although we stayed at and fell in love with the Wilderness Lodge. We'll be making our third trip to that resort in June. The buy 4 get 3 free deal is too much to pass up ;) Thanks for sharing!

Amy Jo:) said...

I loved reading your blog!!! Your pictures turned out fantastic!!! Thank you again for such an amazing trip!

Cowgirl@Hart said...

I am so glad that you guys had such a wonderful trip. Uncle Robert your pictures are amazing!!! Firewords & Magic Kingdom...beautiful.