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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fishing Sabine Lake - Texas/Louisiana Border

Left to right: Henry, Larry and Rob with 3 nice trout.

A fishing trip to remember or maybe not.

This past Monday January 26, 2009 the first fishing trip of 2009 was taken. Henry, Larry and I left home at 4:30 am and traveled two hours just outside Bay City, Texas to meet our fishing guide. We were in the water by 7:30 am, 51 degrees, wind was blowing like crazy and the water temperature was about 58 degrees. The day turned out to be an outstanding big trout fishing trip. Seventeen trout in all for the day all except one over twenty inches and some 5 and 6 pound fish were caught.

Outstanding trip in this case is defined as an outstanding trip for our guide and Larry. The guide caught eleven, Larry landed five and Henry put one in the box. I was skunked.

The day started off fishing under the birds. After chasing birds for a couple of hours, only two small fish had been caught. We moved across the Lake and started drift fishing when the large trout were found. They were caught on Corky's, Catch 5s and Catch 22s. We fished hard all day getting off the water around 5 pm.

It is really interesting how fishing works, the day for me was a comedy of errors. At first I wasn't gettting any distance from my casts. I was fishing with a brand new reel and rod and I couldn't get the distance I needed to get out to where the fish were. The next thing I started fishing with a Corky that was brand new and after about two hours the guide mentioned he didn't think it was working the way it should. The next thing, I changed reels and started getting the distance but I couldn't get a hit to save me. The guide caught fish on every lure he threw. He would catch fish, hand me the lure and put on another. I couldn't get a fish to hit a thing. I watched the guides' pattern, fished right beside him, copied his fishing pattern, used the same lures and I got only 2 hits all day long. One fish I hooked, got it all the way to the boat and before it could be netted it came off.

There are good days and bad days fishing, I have had many more good than bad from a catching stand point. As far as fishing days, everyone of them are great days whether I catch or not.

Susie fixed some of the filets for dinner last night. Pecan Crusted filets in a bourbon cream sauce. The fish were great, I thought the bourbon was a little too strong but really didn't want to complain. When she asked if I liked the fish, I was honest and told her yes, but the bourbon flavor was a little too over bearing. She laughed and said that she trippled the amount of bourbon called for in the recipe.

I wondered why I staggered when I went to take the empty plate back to the kitchen, now I know!!!!!!!!

We have booked our flights for Sitka, Alaska leaving Houston on June 6, 2009 and returning June 13, 2009. I am really looking forward to this trip. We are going to Disney World on February 6th with Amy, Josh, Noah and Andy and I know this will be fun.. Susie and I are also planning a fall trip to Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Massachusetts and Connecticut, maybe New York city if we have time.

Until the next posting, the best to all who read this post.


Cowgirl@Hart said...

You are not supposed to get a buzz while eatting...glad you had a great trip or at least your buddies did. HEHE

love you both

Amy Jo:) said...

HI Dad! It was fun to see your picture and read about your trip yesterday! Hopefully you will have better luck next time! loves yous:)

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