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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Live Oak Ridge Park Lake Belton, Texas

We have been using our Travel Trailer a lot lately. After our trip to Phildelphia, Virginia, Washington D C and Maryland (didnt take the travel trailer) we went to visit Amy, Josh, Noah and Andy for Andy's first birthday. We left there after a few days and went to Kyle, Texas for our family reunion at an RV park on the San Marcos River and then the following weekend we were celebrating the Kyle High School Reunion. After the reunion we were back to Temple for Halloween and Josh's 30th birthday.

September and October have been full of traveling and we really had a great time at every activity and function we attended. Our trip was a lot of fun, the family reunion was relaxing and fun, the High School reunion was a lot of work but it turned out great, Andy's birthday was a sheer joy, Halloween was a blast watching Noah Trick or Treating as a Pirate Captain and Andy as a Scare Crow. Enoyed Josh's birthday party on Friday evening, having lunch and dinner with him and his family on Monday his birthday.

Our next planned activities are a visit from Amy, Josh, Noah and Andy this next weekend and going back to Belton Lake to store the Travel Trailer, Boat and a Truck in two storage units we rented last week. It will be nice having the toys there as this is our home away from home. I have posted a few pictures of the RV Park we stay at when we are visiting the children. It is a very pretty, clean and quite park just a few miles from the children's home.

Other planned trips will be to Kyle to enjoy Thanksgiving with my Mother and brothers and sisters and their families,camping in Canton, Texas the first week in December with Sharon and Danny and then celebrating Christmas enjoying the two grandsons on Christmas morning.

We haven't stopped since mid September and we will be busy toward the end of the year.

Early morning at Live Oak Ridge Park on Lake Belton, Texas, our home away from home.

We enjoy the same spot each time we go as the play ground is directly behind us. Noah and Andy really enjoy the slides and swing.

Another real nice feature is that the sites are far apart from each other. Each site has a paved slab for the Travel Trailer, a covered concrete picnic table and benches, a fire pit and barbecue pit. The public showers and restrooms are a short walk from this site.

The roads are wide and paved and the park is extremely clean and well kept.

The view of the lake from the site is beautiful and is directly across the road from the site. While there are sites available across the road, we like site number 9 , the view isnt blocked by another camper. Another reason we like to park on this side of the road is that the park sits on a bluff and the drop to the water is about 30 feet straight down .

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