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Monday, April 12, 2010

The beauty of Easter and Blue Bell & Blue bonnets - no where but Texas

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Every spring one of the most look forward to activities for our family is the annual Easter egg hunt hosted for several years by my sister Janet and brother in law Ray.  We were able to attend a few of them while our children were growing up.  This last couple of years has created so much excitement toward this event again now that we have two grandsons to participate.    The sheer excitement and laughter of all of the children on this day is so heart warming and a great tribute to Janet and Ray for consistent opening of their home for all of us, not only on this day but many different family activites throughout the years. Thank you Janet and Ray for creating so many fond memories for all of us at your home.

Noah and Andy having a picnic.  Noah sat down in the middle of the yard while the egg hunt was still going on and he told his Mom, I am having a picnic, Andy came over and joined him. 

Another event that I wanted to share is a trip to Washington County, Texas in and around Brenham, Bellville and Chapel Hill.  The bluebonnets and other wild flowers are especially vibrant this year. Some friends of ours, Barbara and Don are building their retirement home in this area and Don called to let me know that the blue bonnets were blooming and we were welcome to come see the flowers and their new home being built.  Our daughter and two grandsons were coming to see us on Thursday and it just so happened that they would be within 8 miles of Don and Barbara.  With Don and Barbara's kindness we met the 3 of them there Thursday morning.  Wow, I have never seen such beautiful flowers growing wild in one place.  We left there and toured the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory.  Blue Bell and Blue Bonnets, no where but Texas.  Thanks Don and Barbara, you have a wonderful place and it was so kind of you to drive us around your property and create such a memorable day for us.
Noah had so much fun running through the flowers.  He picked some for his mother and took them to her, it was  special to watch how carefully he selected each flower for her. 

Andy was a little apprehensive and unsure of being out in the wild like this.  Every step was calculated to ensure that he didn't fall.  This is unusual for him as he typically tends to approach things aggressively, especially climbing and lifting himself into or out of different situations.

Amy and her two boys, unfortunately Josh was working and couldn't be with us.  We are so proud of the 4 of them. 

As we were leaving Don and Barbara's property I took this picture, you can see the home being built on top of the hill.

Next stop Blue Bell Creamery, Brenham, Washington County, Texas

The Blue Bell Cremery tour was very informative.  I was amazed how attentive Noah was, watching and listening during the whole tour.  Then to top it all, at the end of the tour, we were served some ice cream, flavor of our choice. 

Noah holding hands with the Blue Bell girl leading the Blue Bell cow, you can see the Blue Bell logo on the truck in the picture above.

A rose at the Blue Bell Creamery

More flowers at the Blue Bell Creamery

The next  few pictures were taken on the way back to Houston off the old Chappel Hill Road between Brenham and Chappel Hill. (North of Highway 290)

I end this post with a picture of Andy, taken by my niece Erika at the Easter Egg hunt. This is a cute picture especially since his Mom and Dad are Texas A&M graduates and his Granny and I are Aggie fans.   

University of Texas Quaterback year 2029?


Amy Jo:) said...

Dad, I LOVE it! We had so much fun with you and Mom! Your pictures turned out fantastic! I love you lots!

Workman's Blog said...

Uncle Robert, thanks for sharing! Your pictures are wonderful!! LOVE the Future Heisman Trophy winner from UT, Class of 2029! HOOK'EM!