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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer of 2010 - Camping, Boating, Fishing, Parades, Carnivals, Rodeo, Birthdays

The above slide show provides a number of pictures taken during the summer some of which are displayed in the below posting.  Click on the picture and you will be taken to a larger screen..

It has been a while since I posted anything to my blog.  We have been very busy this summer traveling, enjoying grandchildren, spending time with family and friends,  dealing with damage to our home as a result of a water leak and the most stressful,  but good outcome, Susie had a heart attack and spent a number of days in and out of the hospital and is currently doing fine, thanks to God and the great Doctors at St  Luke's Houston Hospital.

In May we had a great time celebrating my son in law's Mother's birthday camping and boating on Lake Belton.  Both grandsons and our daughter weren't feeling well but as the weekend progressed they were better.  It was a fun time and even greater and more fun once they began to feel better and were able to join us at the lake.  Judy and Darren rented a pontoon boat, I launched my boat and we strolled around the lake taking in some time to do a little fishing.  The boys really enjoyed getting to go for a boat ride.  We had great food and enjoyed a wonderful birthday cake.
Lake Belton in May Josh, Noah and Rob

Our Family - Father's Day June 2010
  In June we spent time with family and friends.  We had a great father's day weekend with Josh, Amy, Noah, Andy and Josh's Mom and Dad Judy and Darren.  The weather in June was very mild this year and we spent a number of days enjoying our RV camping on Lake Belton.  Amy, Noah, Josh and Andy were able to come down to our home on a weekend in June.

In July we celebrated July 4th  camping on Lake Belton, attended the Belton Rodeo ,which was fantastic and watched the 2 hour Belton parade in downtown Belton.  We had not attended the Parade before, it was really great,  bands, clowns, old cars, fire trucks, tractors, horses, wagons, dancers, motorcycles and politicians(unfortunately),  were all part of the parade.  We all  enjoyed the parade, Noah and Andy really had a great time waving their hands and waving the American Flag at parade participants. The following weekend we celebrated my birthday with them and attended a Round Rock Express Baseball game and dinner at Salt Lick Barbecue, mmm great place to eat.

Andy and Noah waving the flags and watching the Parade, Belton, Texas

Uncle Sam Wants You!
Andy rode the Merry Go Round a number of times, the Giraffe was his favorite.

The following day, Noah and Amy weren't feeling well, we took Andy to a Carnival.  He had so much fun riding the rides.

Andy loved the train especially riding  in the engine.

After my birthday celebration we headed home, we were looking forward to a relaxing week ahead of just doing nothing.  Well, when we opened the door and walked in we saw the following:

Upstairs bedroom floor, the ceiling had collapsed, the yellow is insulation, the white is sheet rock.

The air conditioner pan drain line to outside the house had broken and leaked into the attic, through the upstairs ceiling, down through the floor, through the first floor ceiling and down to the floor downstairs.  What a mess and a surprise.  Unfortunately later that day I received a phone call that one of my Aunts had passed away and that her funeral would be in two days.  We were able to get some people in to start cleaning up and drying out the house the next day and then on the following day I went to my Aunt's funeral.  Susie didn't. go with me as she wasn't feeling well and wanted to stay back to get some things done around the house due to the damage from the water leak.

I drove up to San Marcos where the funeral was held and then spent the night with my Mother, planning on going back home later that next day.  My Mom and I headed for breakfast and I called my brother to come join us.  As we were visiting his phone rang and it was one of my sisters, she said that our daughter was trying to get a hold of me as my wife was on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.  I left immediately and arrived at the hospital in Tomball, Susie was stable but had been complaining of chest pains and was having a hard time breathing.  Over a period of a couple of days, they ran all kinds of test that did not show anything conclusive.  The doctor said there was a possibility that she might have blockage to the heart but that he needed to perform a Heart Cath.  Susie chose to be released as she wanted to get to the Medical center downtown St Luke[s Hospital where she and I both felt she would get much better care.  We went home and Susie was able to get in contact with a nurse who had handled some of our daughters hospitalization in previous years.  She was very helpful and the next day called back and said the Dr in charge of the Heart transplant team would take on her case.  We went for an appointment and the Dr immediately had Susie admitted and they performed numerous tests with a diagnosis of Heart attack.  They implanted a stint in the main artery in front of the heart successfully.  During and after her recuperation from the stint procedure she has been able to get a complete physical from head to toe resulting in other minor issues that should be addressed, fortunately nothing serious at this point.  She has done well, is feeling good and has quit smoking, cold turkey.  I am so proud of her, it has been an emotional roller coaster, she is doing fine.

each and every day just being together.  We went to the beach a number of times, went to Schlitterbaun on her birthday, rode the ferry, ate at a number of great restaurants and enjoyed grilled hamburgers that Amy wanted for her birthday dinner.    Susie was feeling well and was able to enjoy the weekend, very fortunate considering what the previous 3 weeks had brought her.

When we first arrived, Noah had to lead the way into the water.  A fantastic feeling and so much fun.

It was  so much fun seeing the grandsons enjoying the beach.  We all enjoyed the sand and water, the
weather was great and the RV park was extremely nice.  We stayed at the Jamaica Beach RV Resort on the West side of the Island.  We had a very nice spot on the end giving us a lot of room to spread out.  The park had a miniature golf course that we enjoyed, a water balloon and swimming pool.  Everyone enjoyed the beach so much we did not use the pool.
The RV spot we rented had a real nice lawn area surrounded by beautiful flowers.  We were on the corner which gave us this private area to enjoy, directly across the road from the RV office.  This picture was taken from the 3rd floor deck of the RV office, providing a great view of the Gulf of Mexico.

We walked aboard the ferry and rode it across and back from Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula  It took about an hour and we saw a number of Dolphin.  Josh is carrying Andy with Noah walking beside going on board.  Amy and Susie and I were following behind them. .

Brothers: Noah and Andy on the Galveston Island beach 

Amy's birthday party celebrated in the RV at Galveston Island, Texas

Amy, Josh, Noah and Andy had to head home the day after her birthday.  Susie and I stayed an extra day.  We decided we would enjoy the morning on the Island and drive over to Lake Charles, Louisiana for one night.

Sunrise on Galveston Island August 10th, 2010

Galveston Island, Texas sea wall at sunrise, statue commemorates the 1900 storm.
Lake Charles was fun, we would have been better off going home instead of going into the casino, oh well it was an enjoyable visit and we did get to enjoy a wonderful meal the evening we were there.

RV  park beside Lake Charles, Louisiana casino
  After our visit in Lake Charles we headed back to Belton to store the RV and visit with Amy, Josh, Noah and Andy before we headed home.  On the way back, we chose to stop and spend the night in an RV park in Cut N Shoot, Texas.  It was a very pretty park, very peaceful and quiet.

Cut N Shoot, Texas RV park

 The last weekend in August we went back to Temple, Josh and I stayed with the boys and had a great time together enjoying Chucky Cheese, watching movies and playing with toys.  Amy and Susie took a couple of days and went to Granbury where they enjoyed a play and stayed at a nice bed and breakfast.  They also visited Susie's uncle in Fort Worth to celebrate his 90th birthday.  After coming home on Sunday evening, I drove up and visited him on Monday celebrating his birthday.  We came home the next day.

We stayed home labor day weekend, enjoying just doing nothing and visiting with friends over a nice dinner and football game.

We spent a number of days looking at stone, cabinets, granite and other items in order to get the house back in shape from the damage done by the water leak.

This past weekend we went back to Temple, Josh and I picked up his Dad, Darren and went Dove hunting in Luling, Texas.  We had a great time and brought home 37 dove.

We are back home for a few days.  Next known trip will be to celebrate Andy's birthday in early October and Josh's birthday in November. 

Our next planned long trip will be a Hawaii cruise, flying to Hawaii the day after Thanksgiving, starting the cruise for 7 days visiting 5 Islands, ending the trip being at Pearl Harbor on Pearl Harbor Day visiting the memorials and activities in memory of that horrible event and the last day fishing for Marlin.  We have the opportunity to go on the trip with one of my sisters and her husband and son  as well as other members of my brother in law's family, one of which is his uncle Clarence who was serving on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1942.  We are looking forward to the trip and will enjoy getting to be with Clarence and hear about his memories of that day..

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Jill said...

I absolutely adore the picture of you and Noah at the beach, your face is priceless! Great update! I'm glad everyone is healthy and happy, that's the most we can ask for! Love you all!